Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

If you already have a bunny and are getting a second one please fill out this form here: To Adopt a Second Bunny

Our adoption fee is $75 for one bunny or $100 for two.

All of our bunnies are spayed/neutered, vaccinated against RHDV2 and microchipped.

Our adoption fee goes toward the cost of spay/neuter, vaccination and microchip. Spaying and neutering is important for so many reasons such as not adding to the overpopulation of bunnies (bunnies are the 3rd most abandoned pet), health (females have an 85% chance of getting ovarian cancer and males risk getting testicular cancer if unaltered), temperament (bunnies can become aggressive with age from hormones) and litter box training (bunnies are very territorial but without their reproductive hormones they can be trained to use a litter box).

Bunnies are social animals and happiest with a friend, please consider adopting a bonded pair or a friend for your fixed single bunny.

Thinking about adopting? Check out our write up on things to consider before you adopt, basic bunny information and a list of supplies: 

Before Adopting

Have you just adopted a new bunny? Here’s some important information that you need to know such as introducing your new bunny to your home, warning signs for illness (bunnies are pray animals and hide pain and illness) and foods that are safe (did you know that some veggies are poisonous to bunnies?): 

One scholarship available each month for half-off the adoption fee of a bunny pair from Ember's.

Did you know that bunnies with black fur are harder to find homes for? All bunnies have the potential to be a good companion with love and patience. 

A good fit is based off of personality not looks please take time to read all of our descriptions!

After Adopting

We have a foster-to-adopt program where you can do a two week trial before committing! Check out our foster page and send us a message for more information.


Available For Adoption