One of Ember’s Board Members, Cindy Hamlin and her husband Matt, have created the Venie Scholarship, named after their beloved free roam bunny ‘Venie’ (pictured) who turned 3 years old in March, 2021. They will fund a different discounted adoption each month in 2021 which will be posted on the first day of each month.

This month of December, adopt any bunny pair from Ember’s for half-off the adoption fee and a FREE Xpen (2 scholarships available).

Please take a look at our adopt page to view our available bunnies and complete the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire to begin the adoption process.

As of 10/11/2021 we’ve taken in 234 bunnies, spay/neutered 162 and adopted out 134 bunnies.

Ember’s began our rescue in 2019, we’re the only bunny rescue in Central Oregon and rely solely on volunteers and donations. 

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