Harbor & Haven

Males, Neutered, Microchipped, Vaccinated

Estimated Birthdate: 10/7/2020

Estimated Breed: Rex Mixes

Size: Medium

These gorgeous Rex mix brothers were surrendered from Humane Society Central Oregon earlier this year. They were brought in from a community member whose roommate left them behind. They are very skittish and untrusting of human contact, and we believe they may have been abused at some point. They are learning to trust people and use their litter box.

They will need a patient, loving, rabbit-savvy home who would like to give these two beautiful buns a safe, comforting space to learn to thrive again. Their progress over the past weeks while they’ve been in the care of the rescue has been slow and steady, they aren’t as terrified as when they arrived, and they are starting to come up to the door of the pen to examine the volunteers they know. They have a ton of potential to become loving, happy house bunnies, and blossom into their full bunny selves.

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