Ember’s is a much needed rescue and a great place to support! So many bunnies are given up, it’s really wonderful that the rabbits here can have a quiet, safe place to land.
We had the space at our new home to afford some bunnies their own room, so I found a trio of siblings at Ember’s that had been there for about 2.5 years. Poor friends!
There are so many wonderful bunnies at Ember’s, go find some furbabies to call your own!

Keri Athanas

I take my Bun here for nail trimmings because I have a hard time and I’m just scared to, she does such a great job here. Quick and easy and I love donating to her sanctuary.

Laci Clemens

I found Embers Bunny rescue by accident and I’m so glad I did.
I’ve always rescued my bunnies through the Humane Society but when a female bunny I wanted was already spoken for, my daughter started searching for me and found Ember’s Wildflower Bunny Rescue in Redmond, Oregon. They were very organized and didn’t just let me get her, they wanted to make sure I had the proper set up for another rabbit.
If you want to adopt/save a rabbit and give it a forever home, I highly suggest checking them out.

Sue Miller

Ember’s Wildflower Bunny Rescue was absolutely wonderful to work with. The bunnies are so well cared for and Lindsey knew all their personalities so well. Lindsey spent so much time answering all my questions. We are so grateful to have adopted a bunny from this rescue. I will definitely return when we are ready to find a female to bond to our male.

Haley Chambers

Banyan… we did change his name to Turnip because my husband said he just Turned up lol and it matches our other rabbit’s name Tibbar. They are getting to know each other and so far so good. He is adjusting well, sometimes a little shy, but he’s so sweet and is very treat motivated. Our experience at Ember’s Wildflower Animal Sanctuary was AMAZING. I brought my youngest daughter and my sister and if it were up to us we would have adopted all the bunnies ;). Lindsey was very helpful and gave us a lot of tips on how to give Turnip aka Banyan his best life. If anyone is ready to take on the responsibility of adopting a bun I HIGHLY recommend going to Ember’s 🙂

Kim M., Bend, OR

Great experience since I stepped foot on the property!  All bunnies were taken care of and loved by the helpers there. The greatest part was how knowledgeable everyone was and how friendly everyone was including the animals haha!  Would definitely recommend simply because of how informative she was and ALL the services offered even after adoption.

AlmaCecilia G., Redmond OR 

We are so grateful that we found Embers Wildflower! Lindsey was so wonderful and helped us so graciously through every step. She matched us with a perfect bunny for our family and answered my endless questions about how to care for a rabbit. She is incredibly knowledgeable, her rabbits are very well cared for and she’s honest about each bunny’s needs and personalities so you can be confident in what you’re adopting. Also, each one is microchipped, spayed or neutered and vaccinated! I also love that she wants the adopter to fully understand what is involved in caring for a rabbit, so you’re properly prepared and set-up before you jump in. Do yourself a favor and only go through Lindsey for your new rabbit (she also offers care assistance services. Who does that? Amazing). Highly recommend!!

Suzi Miller, Redmond, OR

We had a wonderful experience with Ember’s Wildflower. Their webpage was very detailed and helped us narrow down a potential right fit bunny. They asked questions of us and helped us be sure we had what we needed to ensure our bunny was going to a good home. When we picked up Sandy they gave us a few gifts for her to take with us. 

The Bissonnette Family, Klamath Falls, OR

“I am so glad to have discovered Ember’s Wildflower Animal Sanctuary and Rabbit Rescue! I was searching for a young, neutered large bunny as a new friend for my 2 year old Flemish mix female bunny who was depressed from the recent passing of her elderly partner & ran across Lindsey’s rescue through an internet search. Lindsey was very quick to respond to my email inquiry, and other questions, so I could decide if this new bunny might be a good fit. When I confirmed on Sunday mid-morning to move forward, Lindsey arranged for one of her friends to meet me halfway between Redmond and Ashland that same day – so I could get my new bunny settled in & begin the bonding process. I really appreciate that all of her adoptable bunnies have already been spayed/neutered, as some of our regional shelters are not doing that (it is expensive), and adopting an intact male, scheduling a neuter appointment, and then waiting for the hormones to die down, really delays the whole bonding process. It’s clear that Lindsey cares deeply about rabbits & with the expansion of her new bunny barn, even more rabbits can be rescued and find their way into great homes. 

-Dana Feagin – Ashland, OR

We found a stray domestic rabbit in our yard, and after consulting many neighbors, we discovered that the bunny needed to find a new forever home.  We contacted Ember’s Wildflower Animal Sanctuary and Bunny Rescue and they were quick to respond.  They couldn’t take the rabbit right away due to space constraints, so one of their volunteers met us and leant us a large rabbit cage, litter box and water bowl.  They also brought food supplies needed and gave good instruction on caring for the rabbit.  We ended up caring for the rabbit for 2.5 weeks, which also gave us a chance to let the rescue know the sweet personality of the rabbit, her good hygiene habits and that her health seemed good.  She would make someone a very nice companion!  After we volunteered to drop the bunny at the rescue location, Lindsey offered a  tour.  All the rabbits we saw were in clean cages and looking happy.  They seemed well cared for.  The rescue is expanding their space, which will be really great.  This seemed like a lovely place as an interim home for a rabbit.  Low stress and comfortable with healthy rabbits near each other so they could have companionship.

Thank you Ember’s for caring about these little animals.

-Bob and Sarah in Bend