Pet Care Service

Help us while we help you and your pets!

Ember’s Wildflower provides:

Hay For Sale – We have fresh 1st and 2nd cut Orchard grass hay cheaper than the small bags from the pet store! Bring in a bin or 13 gal kitchen trash bag to fill or we can drop off a bag locally. Note: some bunnies prefer Orchard grass over Timothy hay as it is finer and a little sweeter, our bunnies love it!

Suggested donation is $15 for pickup at the rescue.
$20 donation for Bend pickup location.

Drop-in Care – let your pets stay at home while you’re away! Includes feeding, cleaning, attention giving, etc. by our director Lindsey.

Lindsey asks for $25 per visit or $40 for two visits in one day.

Bunny Boarding – have your bunny(ies) looked after in the home of our director, Lindsey while you’re away! They will have a spacious pen to themselves, we ask that you provide pellets (and veggies if you’d like) and some of their toys, etc. to keep them comfortable but we will provide everything else including fresh orchard grass hay!

Lindsey asks for $15 per day.

Nail trims – Suggested donation for nail trim at our facility is $15.

Bonding and other advice is free! We are always happy to offer any advice and answer questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

In home supervised bonding – if you’re feeling nervous about trying your first bonding session then we are happy to come to your home and supervise the bonding session, explain how to do it properly and point out signs on how the session is going.

Suggested donation of $20 per visit.

Before starting Ember’s Wildflower, Lindsey (Ember’s Founder and Director) had a successful pet sitting business called Love What You Do where she pet sat dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and fish. Now that she is busy running this nonprofit she has cut back on the services she had offered (particularly overnight stays) but still loves helping people with their pets especially now that it can contribute to the nonprofit as well. Suggested donations are flexible, we’re happy to work with you! References available if desired. Contact us for more information!