Pre-Foster Questionnaire

Why foster a bunny?

Help bunnies without a long-term commitment. Bunnies that are socialized in foster care are more likely to get adopted!

What does a foster volunteer do?

Our foster parents provide a clean, safe, loving environment for homeless bunny(ies) on a temporary basis, with the ultimate goal of adopting them into loving, permanent indoor homes as soon as a suitable match is found.

What is the time commitment?

We ask for at least a one month commitment but after that it is up to you. Some families take care of the bunny(ies) until they get adopted. Others are on a short-term basis.

What do I provide?

We can provide: 

  • An Xpen for housing (it is 4’ by 4’ and 36 inches tall) (
  • Unlimited hay (Orchard Grass or Timothy hay, Alfalfa for young bunnies 0-6months)
  • Pellets (Oxbow brand) (
  • Large, heavy ceramic bowl for water 
  • Small ceramic bowl for pellets 
  • Litter boxes 
  • Litter (Dry Den or Nature’s Bedding pine pellets)

If you would like to provide any of these supplies please let us know. We appreciate any additional help! Donations are tax deductible, let us know if you’d like a receipt. 

Foster to adopt

Our foster to adopt program is exactly as described above but with the goal to adopt the bunny you’re fostering. This allows families a two week trail period before committing. During this trail we will consider the bunny(ies) pending adoption to give you and your family time to make your decision. If you decide that you’d like to adopt then we can move forward with our adoption process, if not then we will gladly take back the bunny(ies) back after the one month fostering agreement is over (unless we have space sooner). This is a great way to make sure the bunny(ies) is a good fit for your family! Send us a message for additional information.

How do I get started as a foster home?

Once you have been approved, you will be contacted by Ember’s.

Contact us for more information!