Nala and Jackie

Bonded Sisters
Flemish Giant Mix

Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped
Born 9/23/2019

Nala and Jackie are two of the sweetest, most quirky, life-loving bunnies you’ll ever meet. Despite their special needs due to mobility issues, they are both thriving, happy bunnies with a ton of personality.

Nala is a brown, very lovey bunny who likes to be held and will come ask for head scratches. Her back legs are paralyzed, but she still likes to come out to explore and gets around well as long as she has traction. She is not good at the litter box yet, but could improve in time. She needs help keeping her bottom clean, clipping stuck poops and occasional butt baths. She’s fairly easy to handle, has offered to nip if we do something she doesn’t want but pretty tolerant of the care that she needs. 

Jackie is a black, adventurous bunny with some occasional rear end ataxia (loss of muscle control). She is also still working on her litterbox skills. She is independent, loves adventuring, and is very curious. She’s very sweet with her sister and enjoys a little bit of petting. Needs occasional help keeping her bottom clean but does fairly well herself. 

Nala & Jackie have big personalities and are a great pair that deserves a loving home to spoil them! They are both very food motivated and would provide you with lots of laughs! Extra care is minimal considering their conditions.   

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