Haley, Sandy & Buttercup

Spayed Females – Vaccinated – Microchipped

Buttercup (solid orange): 1 year old

Haley & Sandy: 7 months old

Small (4-5 pounds)

Mama Buttercup and her two grown daughters, these three are quite the trio and we would love for them to stay that way although would be willing to separate one of the girls to bond to another bunny. Buttercup was a stray so she’s still pretty reserved although we think she would warm up with some one on one attention. But don’t worry her daughters make up for it! They’re very sweet and inquisitive and will hop up to volunteers and sometimes climb on them while they’re cleaning their pen. They’re great at using their litter box and love treat time! They’re so sweet to each other and are often all snuggled up together.

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