Female, English Spot mix
Born 2/1/2021
Spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped
Small/medium size (about 5 pounds)

Despite her time as a stray, Primrose is pretty outgoing and friendly. She is a lovely white bunny with grey spots, muzzle, and ears. Her previous guardian says this about her:

“Primrose absolutely LOVED her parsley or Kale at night. She was so cute when I would walk in the bunny room before my bedtime and she KNEW it was veggie time. In the morning she loved the Small Pet Select Healthy Snackers in Carrot Pineapple right before her pellets.”

She may make a good bunny bond for a single male bunny. She has been known to kick her litter out of her box (bunnies love mischief!), but we can help you find solutions to those sorts of bunny shenanigans. Are you ready to take this sweet girl home?

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