Portobello, Morel, Shiitake & Oyster

Brothers & Sisters, spayed/ neutered, vaccinated & microchipped

Born 12/15/2021

The mushroom “babies” are so cute and curious! Morel is the most outgoing of the group but they all have potential to be great pets and now is the perfect time to socialize them! They are learning how to use the litter box and to accept human attention and like to be pet on the back. At their Foster family, they are exposed to cats, vacuum, TV noise and music and are not bothered by them at all. They don’t mind being held if their feet are firmly against your body, although Oyster will sit on your shoulder and eat treats.

We would love to see them adopted in pairs or one to bond with another bunny. Morel and Portobello spend a lot of time together already, so that would be a good match!

Morel – boy
Portobello – girl
Oyster – girl
Shiitake – boy

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