Clay & Zoey

Clay – male, neutered soon to be vaccinated & microchipped

Born 3/2/18

Brown Holland Lop

Small (about 5 pounds)

Zoey – spayed female, vaccinated & microchipped

Estimated Age: 4 years old

Black Lionhead

Small (about 3 pounds)

Clay & Zoey are the perfect pair for free roaming. They are litter box trained and don’t chew on carpet or cords. They are mellow and very sweet. Clay is the more outgoing of the two but once Zoey feels comfortable she shows you how sweet she is and she’s very easy to handle and groom. She does require some extra brushing because of her long fur, ideally once a week so that it doesn’t get tangled. They are used to being around young, respectful children, dogs and cats. Clay is missing one of his eyes but it doesn’t affect him at all!

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